Here is a list of things I am interested in , besides labels, stained glass and history. Thanks. -- Pat

Aurora H.O. Scale Thunderjet 500 slot car racing from the 1960s. Also some AFX pieces and cars. Looking mostly for Aurora Thunderjet specialty track and optional accessories. Also a set of ho guage 1950s, 60s trains with 60 to 200 feet of track. Original boxes not necessary or desired. Just clean items. Click the link. I started playing with these as a child, packed them up and stored them for 25 years, and then thought it might be fun to set them up again in the basement someday. I don't deal in these, I am just having fun adding to the eventual set-up.

Bamboo fishing poles and old tackle: I keep an eye out for old bamboo split-cane fishing rods and old tired tackle boxes, especially for fly fishing. I have fished since I was a kid, and love to find old jumbled tackle boxes at garage sales. Nice fly rods are more natural to fishing. I'm not a serious collector. If the price is right, I'll be interested in just about anything. Pflueger all metal reels sought, too. Again, this is just a part-time hobby and i do not deal in or seriously collect.

The classic nude in art: The classical feminine form, nude or semi-clad, in statuary, glassware, ceramic, metal, brass or bronze figurines, or other media, as used to create three dimensional items, such as lamps, mermaids (not Disney!), ashtrays, mugs and other artistic representations which feature the alluring aspects (non-pornographic) of the female form. Click the link for specifics. Thanks.

Ampico and Duo-art player piano rolls: Ampico, Aeolian, Duo Art and QRS rolls. Large vols, red boxes, Artempo, Melodee, Uni-Record, Sherman-Clay, Apollo, International, 88 Note, Pop-Roll, vocal style "song rolls", supertone, Playerol, Gulbranson. Also, large nickleodean rolls. NOT collecting newer RED box QRS rolls. But AM looking for older Ampico red box typw rolls. A friend of mine rebuilds player pianos, and collects rolls, so i keep an eye out for things he might be interested in.



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