Welcome to the
Pacific Label News"
Formerly: The California Fresh Fruit Label Exchange

The Pacific Label News is a new offering from This newsletter has been planned for release in early 1999, and will feature interesting articles, stories, label pictures, special features and information about label collecting, clubs, shows, books of interest, t.v. shows, and other other multimedia presentations, around the Pacific Coast and across America. Unlike other club letters, Pacific Label News, hopes to cover many aspects of labels collecting, including Washington, Oregon, Florida regional interests, all forms of California labels, end even cigar label collecting - utilizing the contributions of many people from around the label world!

The Pacific Label News, quarterly publication mailed to members through the U.S. postal service, and/or posted on-line here at in the members area. The cost is $20.00 per year for the printed, posted mailer and a password into the archive for updates and downloads for members. (The password system is not running yet, so everyone will get the newsletter through the mail for now. Make sure to send us your snail-mail address.)

To sign up for the first issue, please mail your check to:

Pat Jacobsen / Pacific Label News
P.O.Box 791
Weimar, CA 95736-0791


To devote time to the newsletter, several other projects have to be completed. The newsletter has been simmering since last July or so, and I put up a page about it. However, the database work for the lists in the Sample Room, are taking longer than anticipated. So please be patient. There is a mailer that is about to go out asking everyone what they want out of a newsletter. With that information and a bit more time, I plan to get the publication rolling. Thanks for your continued patients and interest. -- Pat Jacobsen